Monday, May 25, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a weekend!

Just wanted to check in since I have not had the opportunity :) 

My weekend has been wonderfully busy. I had two weddings Saturday, one Irish and one Scottish and they were absolutely beautiful. I love to see the different traditions and can't wait to see the videos when we are done.  

Sunday and Monday I did my walks and managed the 60 miles but much like the picture of Steve boy did I need a nap. I'm in need a some suggestions on blisters and keeping hydrated so I'll need to do some research. It was fun and It felt really good :) 

Now if I could get the donation portion down I would be set. I just need to figure out some fun fundraisers to go with my weekly walks.

I am off to take my sweet daughter to Disneyland and will be back later to post a couple of pics. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!  

Much love!  


Sunday, May 10, 2009

My first big walk ...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So for those following my blog I was set to walk 6o miles this weekend. I was sick with the flu most of the week but  felt pretty sure I could start this weekend. 

I got a little bit of a late start Saturday morning but was raring to go. It was a little foggy and a smidge over cast but just cool enough that it felt great. I was making good time all considering and was averaging 12 minute miles.

As I started on my walk I realized I need to prepare just a bit more  for the next walk :) At mile 5 did I notice I left my new Spark water bottle at home. No prob, I'll just grab one on my way along the path. Mile 7 no store in sight so by mile             8 I had to call my  husband who ran out a bottle of water to me by mile 10. Other than that little set back I was still feeling good and bopping along to some great music my daughter added to my ipod.

Just before mile 15 my hubby stopped in on me and brought me a camel back so that I would have plenty of water. He is so awesome  :) Mile 15 I had some lunch and took a break...probably too long  and was not too eager to get going again.

Mile 20 I started to realize maybe my body wasn't fully  recovered  from the flu and that I may not make 30 mile  today :(

So by mile 22 I had to call my hubby to please pick me up.  Although I was disappointed about not making it all the way I was proud to have made the 22 miles.

So what I got from yesterday is I need to prepare better ( water ..check!), put some sunblock on ( sunburn protection .. check!) and always have a positive attitude. That even though things may not always go as planned its still okay to celebrate your accomplishments.

Next weekend I will be ready to go and I will be excited for as many miles as my body will allow because I know next week it will let me go even further.

I hope you all have had a most wonderful weekend!

much love!


Friday, May 8, 2009

1st leg (30 miles) of my 60 mile weekend - week 1

Just wanted to pop on real quick to say that tomorrow will be my first 60 mile weekend for 6 months :) Wish me luck and I should have some pictures of the path along the way. I think I'll take them every 5 miles as to not bore anyone. So if you are traveling along the my path along Irvine Blvd through Irvine and Tustin. Give me a wave or honk your horn :) I'll be the one with the pink shirt and big smile walking for everyone that has been touched by Breast Cancer. Love ya! I'm off to bed since 5:00am comes nice and early :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mapped out my 60 Miles

So I finished mapping out my route and found that I can from my door to my office door and is 15.3 miles so a round trip will get me 30.6 miles. So I'm really excited to get started :) Since I'll be going to the convention on Saturday I'll do the first 30.6 miles on Friday and the second 30.6 miles on Sunday. I don't have my shirts yet but hopefully by next weeks walk :)

whoo hoo!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Walking 60 Miles every weekend for 6 months for a cure

I will be embarking on a new journey or I guess you can say I’m continuing on my journey of health. Last November I participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk in San Diego.
It was the most amazing 60 miles I have ever walked. I walked with survivors, family members and others that just wanted to make a difference. The stories that were shared will stay with me a life time and I will be looking forward to the many more I will be blessed to hear on my next walk. So with that in mind I wanted to find a way to train for my next walk, keep Breast Cancer Awareness strong and staying healthy.
I will be walking 60 miles every weekend for the next 6 months to prepare, educate and fundraise for my walk. I’ll be walking a highly traveled route and wearing shirts that promote the walk and the wonderful SparkPeople site. I’m excited to promote such an awesome site :)
I'll using this blog to track the next 6 months so that I can keep you all updated on my progress and add lots of fun pictures.
Wish me luck and lets all get out there and get moving in one way and another.
Much love!
~*~Lisa ~*~