Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2 - $4.03 a gallon for gas ...oh my!

So here I am 2nd day in a row and I'm so excited to get back in the swing of posting again :) I have a couple of quick thoughts I'd like to post and then unfortunately I must be off to get my workout in before I lose all motivation.

I had a couple of thoughts this evening as I was filling my gas tank with $4.03 a gallon gas. The price has gotten out hand and what can I do to cut back on my consumption and get healthier.

Well I'm just going to have to walk everywhere that I can. Although my job is too far away to take a lovely stroll to all my other everyday activities are pretty reasonable as far as a walk is concerned.

I need to train for my walks and marathons I plan to participate in and those walks are going to help me stay on track to a healthier me.

For my jaunts to the grocery store I'll be getting a cute little wagon that I am going to paint pink and spread some Breast Cancer Awareness :) Even though I just about passed out from the price at the pump I am so excited to be getting in some great walking time ... win win!

I'm off to work out and hope you all have a fabulous evening!


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